Personalize Your Work Environment!

The Iceberg team endeavors every day to design and produce office products which will help you be more creative and effective.  What elements constitute a comfortable environment is not the same for everyone.  We are all built differently!

In so many aspects of our lives we are able to adjust products to fit us properly. Think, for example, of sports equipment such as our bikes or our tennis racquets.  Think of seat belts.  Remember when your seat belt stretched across your neck because you were too petite? Or perhaps you have the opposite issue: does your back hurt because you are leaning over all the time?  Most of us spend much more time at work than any other activity. This is why we strive to offer products you can easily personalize.  If you are more comfortable at work, you will work better and feel better.

Your desks and worktables should conform to your physical needs rather than the other way around.  We offer a varied group of adjustable height desks and tables of many sizes and shapes which can be adjusted to fit YOU. Perhaps you will shift the height of your work space daily or weekly in a Sit-to-Stand scenario.  Maybe you will find the right height for yourself and be happy and comfortable with that.  Either way, you are in charge!  

One of our most popular new items for Sit-to-Stand is our pneumatic desk.  There are no electrical cords as the mechanism is air-powered.  So you do not have to be plugged in.  We think a top-of-the-table version of Sit-to-Stand is limited in adaptability by the height of the table on which it sits.  Why not move the whole desktop surface and get it right!

The Iceberg desks are handsome and they have wheels for easy mobility. They can be adjusted with a push of a button.  

We want you to work better!  Make your work environment fit your needs. You can find the pneumatic desks HERE

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