Whiteboarding as a Verb?

At Iceberg, we are deeply interested in making your work life more creative, collaborative and productive.   We spend our days working on ways to help you bring your best ideas to the fore.  Most often (we hope!) this would involve a whiteboard, your best colleagues and some markers. 

Did you know that according to the Oxford English Dictionary, @OED, the term “whiteboard” was first used in 1883 in the journal  Science 16 Feb. 1883,  54/1:   “Many teachers and oculists advocate the substitution of white-boards for black-boards.”  In the ensuing century, the hyphen was lost in the passage of time and “whiteboard” became a word, used in this 2014 description from The Globe and Mail in Toronto:  “The process...starts by gathering everyone around a flip chart or whiteboard and wiping your mental slate clean.”

Then, in 2015, came the addition of a brand new noun to the OED: whiteboarding, defined as “the action or process of using a whiteboard, esp. as a means of collaborating with others.”   Idea–sharing. Collaborating.  Brainstorming.  Whiteboarding.  I think the intense activity suggested by these words implies a verb, don’t you?

Many of the business journals these days focus on the importance of active collaboration.  The argument is that in our increasingly highly specialized times, businesses must build teams of individuals who can contribute thought leadership from perspectives different than their colleagues, culminating in a more comprehensive vision, unified thinking and better outcomes. 

Take a look at our extensive collection of Whiteboards to begin. Look at our magnetic glass option HERE.  Then, let us hear from you at info@icebergenterprises.com.  For 2019, we wish you a year of thriving business and much success! 


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