IndestrucTable® Classic ECO™ Folding Tables

At Iceberg, we are always looking for ways to live up to our social responsibility  while making great products for your life. We are using our place in the  supply chain to have a positive impact on the environment. Therefore,  we are pleased to introduce our new line of Eco-Tables, made with  post-consumer recycled plastic.

Product Details

Iceberg ECO Bi-Fold Folding Table, 30" x 60", Black

Iceberg ECO Bi-Fold Folding Table, 30" x 60", Black - 90% post-consumer material and easy to pick up

Iceberg ECO Personal Folding Table, 30" x 20", Black

Iceberg ECO Personal Folding Table, 30" x 20", Black

Product Features

  • Lightweight and portable for easy transport.
  • Heavy-duty and environmentally friendly top is dent-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Commercial grade for indoor and outdoor use.


Model Number 65451 65481
Product Title ECO Bi-Fold Folding Table ECO Personal Folding Table
Product Dimension 30"W x 60"L x 29"H 20"W x 30"L x 25"H /28"H (Height Adjustable)
Product Weight 35 lbs. 11 lbs.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs evenly distributed 100 lbs evenly distributed
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 Post-Consumer Plastic is the recycled product of all of those plastic containers which we throw away every day. Before the plastic containers are turned into usable materials for our tables they are gathered and sent through a proprietary process to make the resin pellets we use in our  manufacturing. 	When the plastic is reused in the manufacturing process, we keep it off the beaches, out of our oceans and away from wildlife.  	According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  the production and use of recycled plastic has a smaller environmental  impact than the production and use of its virgin counterpart. For  example, many studies suggest that recycled plastic contains 25% fewer  carbon emissions. Thus, by using post-consumer waste, we believe we are able to reduce the amount of fossil  fuels required to manufacture our products.

Don’t forget the box is Curbside Recyclable!

Iceberg is a proud supporter of #CleanSeas. We would like to invite you to take the Clean Seas pledge with us.

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